Fire and additional perils covers property from:

Basic perils:

  1. Fire
  2. explosion
  3. lightning
  4. fall of aircraft or parts of aircraft
  5. removal of debris


Additional perils:

  1. earthquake
  2. flood
  3. storm
  4. landslide
  5. broken glass
  6. etc

In case your business premises are damaged by fire, you risk losing or missing out on planned revenue for as long as it takes to repair or rebuild the damaged premises.

The Insurance Company will protect you from the Business Interruption, which covers your expected revenues.

Do you have objects in your home which have cost you a lot and are valuable to you? In the event of a burglary or burglary attempt, they may be stolen or damaged, and you will have to replace them. The Insurance Company offers burglary insurance, which guarantees compensation for the stolen property. List the items you think might be stolen, and insure them. We guarantee quick information and professional services.