Contractor’s All Risk Insurance (CAR)

Covers construction works starting with the planning phases until the completion of construction. This Policy covers damages incurred by the Insured, as well as damages that the Insured may cause to third parties. This policy also includes a warranty period after the completion of works (maintenance period). The insurer is responsible for any damages incurred during the insurance period. He will indemnify any material damages of the object under construction as well as damages caused to third parties such as:

  • Accidental bodily injuries or damages to other parties (regardless of whether they are fatal or not).
  • Accidental loss or damages to property that belongs to third parties.
  • All legal expenses that a claimant may demand of the Insured, and
  • All Expenses for which the Insurer has given written consent.

Erection All Risk Insurance (EAR)

This Policy covers the installation of machinery and equipment, from the start to the end of the installation process, including the liability to third parties for any material or health damages caused to them. This Policy offers the same coverage as CAR for the installation of machinery and equipment in industrial establishments. The insurer’s liability begins upon the start of the installation process, or after the unloading of items listed in the insurance form at the installation site and continues until the end of the handing over process or until the full capacity working test has finished.

Machinery Insurance (MI)

This policy insures machinery in industrial establishments from malfunction and damages they may incur during the work process, such as unexpected and unforeseen physical damages caused by:

  • defects in casting or materials, defects in design, poor workmanship, lack of dexterity, negligence in the interruption of water supply to the cooling system or steam containers, short circuit or storm which render the repair or replacement of the machinery necessary.