Mr. Sotiraq Guga

Mr. Guga original studies in Economics (Tirana University) were complemented by a MBA degree in Belgium in 1996.

Mr. Sotiraq Guga has more than 15 years of professional experience dedicated to economic and business development in transition countries. Mr. Guga has worked on consultancy experience in several countries around the world on delivery of development programs for European Union, World Bank and other donors in support to economic development.

Mr. Guga’s high-profile international work includes leading roles and senior business consultancy positions in the countries of Western Balkans, having direct working experience in almost each country in Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Moldova, Ukraine and lately in Vietnam.

Upon his return from Belgium (where he resided since 1992) to Albania in 2007, he joined the private sector as founder and Managing Director of Euro Partners Invest Group, specializing on business consultation and investments.

Mr. Guga is co-founder of IFIS Broker and holds the position of Business Consultant.