Mr. Aleksander Muçko

Mr. Aleksander Muçko graduated Law Faculty in Tirana University, Albania. He served as insurance and law specialist for the former Savings Bank and Insurance Institute of Albania during 1988 to 1991 and further for INSIG during 1991-1992. Mr. Muçko has been member of the working group for drafting the law on compulsory motor third party liability insurance in 1992.

Mr. Muçko has been trained in property, liability, marine and motor insurance and reinsurance business lines during 1992-1993, being awarded the Alois Alzheimer Scholarship by Munich Reinsurance Company, Munich, Germany.

During 1993 – 1996 Mr. Muçko has served in different managerial positions of INSIG, such as manager for legal department, marine department, motor third party liability claims manager (Green Cards and Compensation Fund related), including the position of CEO Advisor of INSIG during 2002 – 2003.

During 2001-2002 Mr. Muçko worked for ATLANTIK Insurance Company as Director of Business and Sales Department.

During 2003 to 2004 he has been insurance training expert to the project aiming the establishment of Insurance Training Institute in Albania, supported by USAID and Albanian Insurers Associations.

From 2005 to 2006 he has served as Member of working group for preparing the legal reform on insurance industry, including the draft law on Insurance Supervisory Authority.

During 2005 – 2015 he served for Albanian Customs Service in different managerial positions: Legal Dept., Operational Center and Anti-trafficking Director.

Mr. Muçko is serving as Legal and Business Consultant since the company establishment in 2013, becoming full-time team member since Jan. 2016.